One of the major areas of focus for the CARICOM block of countries at the Summit of the Americas was restoring correspondent banking relationships for banks in this region.

Belize has lost over 80% of its correspondent banking relationships - but when they asked the US Treasury Department for help - they said there is only so much they can do:

"The Under Secretary for treasury Brian Nelson clearly stated that the US cannot tell the bank responsible for correspondent banking what to do. Where does that leave Caricom in relation to correspondent banking issues?"

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister
"And as I mentioned to Brian at our meeting, we feel like a ping pong ball, because they are saying that it's not them, it's the banks. We go to the banks says it's not them, its congress and it seems that no one is prepared to make a definitive decision in trying to resolve this problem."

"In the meeting with Maxine Waters, what she was suggesting was to hold a congressional committee meeting and to invite Caricom leaders to go and to talk about it and she is hoping that eventually she could have a carve-out for the Caribbean to see how we can have these banks provide services to the region."

Hon. Eamon Courtenay, Minister of Foreign Affairs
"In the meeting with Brian Nelson we made the point to him that we find it curious, that the Caribbean is being pressured - money laundering, anti-terrorism, but it was curious that once the sanctions were announced against Russia, the billions of dollars that they say is the proceeds of money laundering were found in London, in New York, in Geneva. We found it very curious that the planes and the boats and properties that they seized were all in Paris or on the French Riviera, in New York apartments, in London mansions. Those are the proceeds, according to them, of money laundering in the developed world in the very banks that are saying they are not going to provide services to Caribbean banks. The double standard is a bit difficult to stomach."

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