Allan Pollard has replaced Micah Goodin as Deputy Mayor of Belize City. The decision was made during a special meeting today at City Hall. Goodin had requested an extension on the time given for him to provide valid reason why he should not be removed as Deputy Mayor. But he changed his mind and resigned at the end of the extension period. Viewers will recall that Goodin had come under a hail of criticisms, following an incident that spiraled out of control at a night spot where he was in May, resulting in a shadow councilor being grazed by a bullet during a shootout. Some councilors called for his resignation immediately after the incident, rather than subjecting the entire council to embarrassment.� But Goodin initially resisted on grounds that he did nothing that was criminal or immoral. Now that the matter has come full circle, Mayor Bernard Wagner met with reporters this afternoon to share what came out of today's caucus.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor, Belize City

"The Councilors essentially ratified Micah Goodin's resignation letter that he sent to us late yesterday evening, and we had to ratify it obviously, given that he was the sitting deputy mayor. They unanimously ratified and accepted his resignation as deputy mayor. We can't remove him as a Council member. The people decide that and so we leave it up to the people. Our Council is really satisfied with the results, but we remain focused and we want to move ahead rather than look behind. Councilor Pollard is now the new deputy for the Council again. This is his second term serving as a deputy mayor."

Mayor Wagner indicated that the past system of governance that was in place soon after the Goodin incident - that of him running the daily operations of the Council remotely is no longer in place. And that will be evident as early as this Friday when Councilor Stephanne Hamilton will act as Mayor for a week. That's because the Mayor and Pollard will be in Rwanda attending a summit.

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