The low-pressure system in our area presents potential threats to the agriculture sector, particularly to some southern regions of Belize where a flood alert has been issued by the National Meteorological Service. To mitigate the possible effects of flooding, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise hereby advises all farmers in low-lying and flood-prone areas to safeguard their families and livelihoods as needed.

All farmers are advised to observe the following measures:
Crop producers are advised to
- harvest available and mature crops
- make a note of all crops planted and production amount
- store harvested crops in cool, dry areas to avoid spoilage or losses

Producers with tropical greenhouses or covered structures are asked to
- remove covering materials (UV plastic and anti-viral netting)
- safely store equipment and supplies
- make a note of all crops planted and production amount, including taking pictures of the structure(s)

Livestock producers are advised to
- temporarily relocate animals to safer areas
- ensure availability of animal feed and water
- make a count of all animals

Farm inputs
- secure all farm machinery and farm inputs
- relocate all pesticides and pesticide containers to avoid spillage and contamination