Today, Belize captured two gold medals at the U-20 Central American Athletics Championships in Managua, Nicaragua. Mia Sylvester won Belize's first gold medal in the discus throw event with a throw of forty point eight-five meters, improving on her personal best by almost four meters. Later, Kirk Elrington Junior won Belize's second gold medal, this time in the triple jump event. We heard briefly from both young athletes courtesy the Belize Athletic Association.

Mia Sylvester, Belizean Athlete

"I feel amazing, a huge personal best for me."

Deon Sutherland, President, B.A.A

"You have one covered, how do you feel about your next event?"

Mia Sylvester

"I am ready for my second event. I hope that all goes good, remember my techniques, and I should be able to produce again."

Deon Sutherland

"Alright Kirk, you brought us our second gold medal for the day. How do you feel? First place in the triple jump."

Kirk Elrington Junior, Belizean Athlete

"Good, but I had to work for it."

Deon Sutherland

"You were the underdog"

Kirk Elrington Junior

"Underdog for the whole thing"

Deon Sutherland

"How do you feel about coming that last jump and doing it?"

Kirk Elrington Junior

"Good good, because I almost had to come."

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