Yesterday, we showed you the press conference organized by the Mexican Embassy in Belize. They have started conversations with their counterparts within the Belize Government on possible areas of collaboration in which the two neighboring countries can forge strong partnerships in tourism.

Well, the Mexican Embassy also hosted a second press conference this morning at their headquarters, located at the corner of Wilson Street and Barrack Road in Belize City. This time, the officials who hosted this information session were two representatives of Mexican medical companies that have an interest in expanding their operations into Belize.

As viewers are aware, Belizeans often travel to seek specialized medical attention in Mexico, which they may not be able to afford in Belize, or which may not be available here as yet. With the push to deepen bilateral ties between both countries, that type of medical tourism is expected to increase. And so, two medical organizations: the Galenia Hospital in Mexico, and the Group Medico Joya, are seeking to make use of the establishment of formal tourism ties.

In today's press conference, the representative of Galenia told the press that their medical institution started collaborating with Belizean physicians and patients about eight years ago. Here are those comments:

Olivia Laviada Renoult - Representative, Galenia Hospital: Mexico
"So, we've been working with Belize already for 8 years. We've been serving patients from Belize, our brothers [and sisters] from Belize, and I've been personalizing all these patients we have been working with. We have services such as cardiology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, spine treatments, oncology treatments, and all the specialties in infrastructure that sometimes in Belize you don't have. So, we are always assisting you guys. We have the price list in order to work with some of the doctors in Belize, and they have the confidence to send other patients, so we can assist them as much as we can. And the good news is that Galenia, the owners of Galenia, decided to work together with Belize, and we have good plans to grow our brand here very soon. And we have these very close relationships with your doctors. So, what we have been doing is some of the patients come directly to our hospital, and they receive medical attention. But once they come back to Belize, they have a follow-up with your doctors. So, we have this communication between the doctors from Galenia, with the doctors from Belize as well. And as you mentioned, because of the pandemic, a lot of the patients weren't able to come to Galenia. So, since that time, we're already offering these virtual appointments or virtual doctor meetings. So, we do it by Zoom, or sometimes by WhatsApp, or whatever the patient has the availability for in their home, we have been working with that as well. And as I said, we always work together with the doctors in Belize, to partner with the doctors in Galenia, so that they can have the follow-up here. And yes, we do these types of services in Belize and Galenia."

The representative of the Grupo Medico Joya told the media that they are already exploring the possibility of establishing one of their hospital branches in Belize.

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