There are a number of Belizeans who travel for services at medical facilities in neighbouring Mexico. Some would journey as far as Merida, Cancun and even Mexico City. The goal is not only to retain that business, but also to look at the feasibility of building a Mexican private medical facility also in Belize, as part of a network of hospitals. At the head table was a representative from Grupo Medico Joya, as well as Galenia Hospital, which has established itself as one of the go-to medical institutions for Belizeans.

Olivia Laviada, Marketing & Medical Tourism Manager, Galenia Hospital

"We have four medical accreditations running by Joint Commission International from the United States, Accreditation Canada International from Canada, the General Health Council of Mexico and we have a newest one which is INOR and in this certification or accreditation runs all the protocols for the COVID patients. We are the only hospital in the entire country with the new accreditation. We've been working with Belize already for eight years. We have been serving patients, our brothers, from Belize and I've been personalizing all these patients that we have been working with. We offer service such as cardiology, neurosurgery, orthopedic, spine treatments, oncology treatments, nuclear medicine and other specialties in infrastructure that sometimes in Belize we don't have so we are always assisting. We have the priceless honor to work with some of your doctors here in Belize and they have had the confidence to send us your patients so we can assist them as much as we can. And the good news is that Galenia, the owners decide to work together with Belize and we have good brands to grow our brand here very, very soon."

Soralla Portillo, Representative, Grupo Medico Joya

"Our intention of being here in Belize is to make strategic alliances that allow us to attend to the medical needs of guests and visitors also from Belize. There is an opportunity to see the possibility of bringing a new hospital, a new unit of Joya Hospital to Belize that allows to have a third level hospital with the necessary specialties. Approximately, each of our hospitals attends thirty-five specialties."

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