The mandatory tourism insurance for entering Belize has seen travelers pay eighteen U.S. dollars for coverage for incidentals. It was specifically set for visitors who would be left with hotel and medical bills if they were to contract COVID while on vacation.� But with the ease of restrictions and the pandemic slowing down, the Belize Tourism Industry Association and the Belize Hotel Association believe that the insurance is no longer necessary.� Minister of Tourism and Diaspora Relations says that since its implementation in February of this year, travelers have taken advantage of the insurance - one-third has been for COVID. So Minister Mahler's recommendation is for it to be optional for travelers to purchase and this will be presented at the next cabinet meeting on July twelfth.

Anthony Mahler, Minister of Tourism & Diaspora Relations

"Both major associations for the industry are now saying that maybe it is time for us to move it, but I have come to see the value of it because I've seen the claims and all of that. I asked for a report the other day, from dog bite to trauma to the head, broken leg, broken hand, but one-third of the claims have been for COVID. We started in the middle of February and one-third of all claims have been COVID."

Duane Moody

"So you see the importance of it�"

Anthony Mahler

"�but I listen to the industry and I make decisions based on consultation with the industry so in the major players within the industry are saying that maybe it is time for us to move it. Maybe we just leave it as an optional thing for people to buy."

Channel 5