I hope this does not come as a shock to anyone but Belize is in the tropics and�the secret is out. We, Belize, have bugs that bite or sting or just suck a bit of your blood. But since June 1st was the beginning of the official hurricane season - and rain is more possible - an update of my guide to Belize insects might be in order. And I'm updating it every year or so because, even 15 years in, I learn more and more about how to live with biting bugs in Belize.

My paranoia runs high when it comes to blood-sucking pests so here is my guide to BITING BUGS IN BELIZE. Note: For years, I was sure that the only way to stop bugs from biting - particularly mosquitos - was DEET. But man, I hate to apply the stuff. It's thick and oily, smells pretty horrible and, in high percentages, melts plastic, paint and even nail polish. In just the last year or so, I've found PICARIDIN. And it is a total game changer. This product WORKS as well or better - lasts for hours even with heavy sweating - and does not stink. I love the lotion.

Table of Contents
My suggestions for these nuisances when visiting Belize:

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