On July 13, 2022, Prime Minister Hon. John Brice´┐Żo, on behalf of the government, and Mr. Rodinald Soomer, Chief Executive Officer of the CARICOM Development Fund (CDF), signed three amended grant agreements funded by the Government of Belize and CDF.

The amendments will allow for unused funds of US$69,396.84 from the Public Sector Investment Program Management Information System Project to be reallocated to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise for the implementation of two ongoing projects, namely the Covered Structure Project and the Honey Redevelopment Project. US$33,983.25 will go to the honey project, contributing to the objective of elevating the national production of honey through the delivery of 10 new beekeepers and the establishment of two demonstration apiaries in the northern and southern regions of Belize.

The additional funding of US$35,413.59 will provide six covered structures, rainwater harvesting demo systems, and support to the installation team. The overall objective of the Covered Structure Project is to raise the volume of vegetables on the local market that are produced under covered structures and to improve the consistency of production while increasing the incomes and quality of life for beneficiaries.

Mrs. Narda Garcia, CEO in the Office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of Investment; Dr. Osmond Martinez, CEO in the Ministry of Economic Development; and Ms. Martha Woodye, Economist in the Policy and Planning Unit of the Ministry of Economic Development, were present as witnesses at the signing.

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