A loan motion for 150 million Belize dollars will be presented in tomorrow's House of Representatives Meeting. The loan is through the Bilateral Program of Economic Cooperation and Development with the government of Taiwan.

But ahead of the House Meeting, the UDP wants to know: why is the government borrowing 150 million dollars just three months into the new fiscal year? The UDP also pointed out that a budget of 1.4 billion dollars has just been passed.

In a press release, the Leader of the Opposition, Shyne Barrow, said, quote, "There is no project attached to this loan which is a gateway to corruption, cronyism and campaign financing! The PUP promised to stop borrowing but instead have borrowed close to $400 million since taking office less than 2 years ago with loan motion after loan motion after loan motion saddling the tax payers with unsustainable public debt! Our great great great grandchildren will be paying off these pup loans with nothing to show!" End quote.

We'll tell you more about what happens at the National Assembly tomorrow.

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