The Health Minister spoke on the topic of ongoing vaccination efforts by the ministry for the general public. As viewers will remember, the push to convince Belizeans to embrace the idea of population immunity against COVID did not have a smooth start. Vaccine hesitancy was high back in 2020, but as of today, a little more than 50% of Belizeans are now vaccinated.

Here's the Health Minister's breakdown of the numbers:

Hon. Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health
"The maternal and child health unit has rolled out the Pfizer vaccine for children ages 5-11 with over 10,000 children receiving one dose and almost 5,000 received both doses already. I am pleased to announced that Belize has 50.5% of its population fully vaccinated and 69.09% of the targeted population 12 years and older completing the primary series of vaccination. With 61% being the global rate of competed series. We must commend th hard work of the people at the Ministry of Health and Wellness and the people of Belize."

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