The first production trailer for UNBELIZEABLUE, a new documentary that follows a multigenerational group of inspiring women leaders striving to protect the world's second largest coral reef system. To learn more, visit

Not only do women have the potential to become conservation leaders by taking decisions and leading-tapping into gaps and opportunities-in biodiversity conservation, but they're doing it every day in Belize. As a new documentary film, UNBELIZEABLUE is putting a spotlight on diverse women conservation leaders in Belize striving to protect the second-largest coral reef system in the world and associated livelihoods. Like other coastal coun�tries, Bel�ize's eco�nomy re�lies heav�ily on its mar�ine re�sources. In fact, fish�ing and mar�ine-based tour�ism sus�tain the live�li�hoods of more than 50% of the coun�try's cit�izens. Con�sequently, the equit�able use of mar�ine re�sources is of crit�ical im�port�ance to Bel�izeans, who wish their nat�ural cap�ital to be con�served and re�in�ves�ted in a sus�tain�able way.

"But how can com�munit�ies thrive while co�ex�ist�ing with their nat�ural en�vir�on�ment? Where do we draw the line between prop�erty de�vel�op�ment and en�vir�on�mental pro�tec�tion? How does a coun�try choose between mass cruise ship tour�ism and eco-friendly overnight tour�ism? Who signs off on the tradeoff between off�shore oil ex�ploit�a�tion versus a po�ten�tial nat�ural dis�aster due to oil spills along pristine reefs? These are some of the crit�ical ques�tions and chal�lenges that will be ex�plored in the film."

With re�gards to the film's char�ac�ters, Bel�ize has the unique dis�tinc�tion that vir�tu�ally all its local and in�ter�na�tional NGOs are led by wo�men, as are key gov�ern�ment de�part�ments as�so�ci�ated with the pro�tec�tion of mar�ine re�sources. This ap�pears to be a mul�ti�gen�er�a�tional phe�nomenon where a group of wo�men pi�on�eers opened the door for the next gen�er�a�tion of fe�male con�ser�va�tion lead�ers, who are in turn boost�ing a newer gen�er�a�tion to be�gin mak�ing their voices heard. Show�cas�ing these wo�men lead�ers and their stor�ies will be the main plot�line of UN�BEL�IZE�ABLUE.