Scuba Diving is one of the most enduring and passionate tourist pursuits in Belize - and its offerings locally are about to get even more exciting. That's thanks to a new Technical Diving course. Now, divers will be able to go deeper into the depths to find out just what lies beneath.

Enter technical diving, a particular mode of the recreational sport, that's now been popularized from Australia's Great Barrier reef now to Belize's Barrier Reef. It's a specialized system that scientists, conservationists, and tourists will be eager to employ. Cherisse Halsall went to San Pedro to find out more about the course.

Ferrera's Technical diving course lasted two weeks. It's the only one of its kind for now but he says he may come back to Belize depending on the demand.
If you'd like to be certified as a technical diver you can start by contacting Valentine Rosado at

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