Teachers will also have to return to that 5-day work schedule as they continue to help the nation's school children recover from those many months of missed educational development.

Today, Dr. Zabaneh asserted that the country's teachers have expressed enthusiasm to return to classes, primarily because the Ministry acted on one of their most significant recommendations, which relieves them of a major element of annual burn-out. Due to a new arrangement, they will no longer have to spend time working on lesson plans. Dr. Zabaneh explained how it would work:

Dr. Louis Zabaneh, Minister of State/Education
"I believe that the teachers know their responsibility, that they will go back on Fridays. In fact, if you look at the curriculum reform framework, which is available on our website, you will see laid out there very clearly the subjects and the number of hours per week, and that requires five days of work. But it's a transitionary year, so we must underline that. And that means that we need to be spending - investing, I should say - significant time with the training of teachers. In one place, we are looking at the Teacher Learning Institute, where we do our professional development, short-term courses that we are vigorously working on right now with training teachers about what competency-based education is all about. And then we also have the institutions that train teachers, the Six Farms, UB and Galen, etc., who themselves will now need to reform their curriculum. So, all of that now goes in one direction, which is to improve the quality of our teachers going forward. They have expressed excitement in doing this because we have acted upon their recommendation, one of which is to do the lesson, the unit plans, and the assessments from the best teachers that we can find across the country. Put that on our virtual platform, so they don't have to spend hours and hours at night. So, if they are freed from that, they know they have time to be able to focus on their students, which is what they want to do. If you are a teacher, you are passionate about your students, you don't want to spend hours and hours at night on busy work which can be done. It's not rocket science. You can, and we are doing it now. We've taken that recommendation. So that's what I am saying, that by us respectfully taking in the suggestions and acting upon them, that is where trust is built, and then we can have success."

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