The information and data collected by the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services is readily available on the websites. Already there is an automatic weather station, building the capacity of the met office to collect data from various municipalities and early warning systems. But C.E.O. Doctor Kenrick Williams says that there is much more to come, including a weather app.

Dr. Kenrick Williams, C.E.O., Ministry of Sustainable Development, Disaster Rick Management & NEMO

“The development of an app that makes the data more accessible. The development of more relevant forecasts. For example now we do municipal based forecasts. Before as you would know we would do a coastal and inland forecast, so now we are transitioning to municipal-based forecast. It is the hope of the ministry that we will step down that information even further to provide village level or community level information so again that that information is relevant and accessible. Over the last year or two we have been working with several projects, the Earth Cap project, we’ve been working with the Rural Resilient Belize project, with the Taiwanese government in building out the extent of our automatic weather stations across the country – both in the marine space and the terrestrial space – filling some key gaps. We are then developing the app ensuring that the information we have in our databases are accessible, but we have to make sure that those information are secured and cannot be manipulated or influenced. So those are the investments that the IFIs are assisting us in securing and improving.”

Channel 5