The Bank of England to Withdraw Legal Tender Status of �20 and �50 Paper Banknotes

The Central Bank of Belize hereby informs the public that the Bank of England has notified that it will withdraw the legal tender status of �20 and �50 paper banknotes on 30 September 2022. After this date, only polymer banknotes will be legal tender. The Bank of England is encouraging both individual and institutional noteholders such as financial institutions to use, deposit, or exchange these banknotes by 30 September 2022.
Members of the Belizean public holding these paper banknotes are advised to submit them for exchange at their domestic bank. Institutional noteholders in Belize should continue to return these sterling banknotes to the Central Bank for repatriation to the Bank of England.

Note that after the 30 September 2022 deadline, holders of paper sterling banknotes will no longer be able to use them in transactions.

More information can be found on the Bank of England's website at: