An article in a U.K. publication citing the latest episode with Jasmine Hartin and the Belize Police Department has ComPol Williams balking at a statement that was reportedly made by the Canadian national. The statement alleges that there was a plot to execute Hartin upon leaving a police station where she was being held. Here's the commissioner's response.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

"That's the most stupidest comment I have ever heard. How would the officers tell her that she's released to shoot her? If that were to happen, the officers certainly would not have a way out of that and they would be charged for murder. I don't foresee officers doing that and I read the article and she said that they were trying to let her out through the backdoor of the cell. The cellblock has no backdoor, you have one way in and one way out. So again, it goes to show that what she said is a bunch of nonsense, all in an effort to gain some support or traction in the international media domain and I don't think anybody in their right mind would believe what she has said."

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