The 2022 school year begins with a new national curriculum framework that focuses on the competency-based education of students, which is being piloted in all pre-primary, primary schools and several secondary institutions. As Education Minister Francis Fonseca has said previously, the aim is for the new curriculum to be implemented nationwide by January 2023 across all schools. But there have been some teachers who say that they have not received access to the curriculum, including lesson plans and the requisite assessment structure. Today, Chief Education Officer Yolanda Gongora clarified the rollout of the new curriculum saying that a memo has been issued to all school managements and principals with specific dates for access.

Yolanda Gongora, Chief Education Officer

"I sent out, as the Chief Education Officer, a memorandum circular to all schools in June indicating that - and the memo had all the dates that the units and assessments would be uploaded and they are all at the end of the month. So for example, for September and October, they will receive unit plans and assessments for those two months the thirty-first of August and then in October, they will be receiving the one for November and December and it goes on like that. So a circular was sent out to all schools so I would just like to ask if principals have not circulated if they can do so, so that the teachers are aware that there are designated dates that we will be uploading the units and assessments on our portals, as well as providing it to our managing authorities. Remember this is a transition year and as we go about the months, we will be understanding what are the challenges we are experiencing and be able to do a better job the following month."

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