In the dawn hours before the Road March comes J'ouvert.

And that J'ouvert Mawnin can't come quickly enough for J'ouvert lady, Marcia Smith who, during the pandemic, was forced to confine her revelry to her yard.

She says mixing the mud was done more joyfully this year knowing that it's once again going to adorn the bodies of revellers as they dance in the street at the break of dawn.

We stopped by her house this afternoon to see the bottles upon bottles of J'ouvert mud that she's prepared for the fete and to find out how her son "the J'ouvert bwoy" is planning to make this year's activities even more exciting.

And if you're looking to purchase some J'ouvert mud of your own you can contact Warren Smith at 654-5238 or just stop by Ms. Marsha's yard on Magazine road.

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