Who/What is The Best Likeness For A Dollar Bill, And Does It Matter?

So while the Tenth will have its usual ceremony and parade, we turn back briefly to the Belize currency - the family of notes that underpin our local economy.

Some in the public have expressed misgivings about removing the Queen's image from those notes - but the Governor of the Central Bank says the death of the queen has no bearing at all on the value of the notes.

In fact, money minters advise that it is sometimes preferable that the figure on the notes is dead:

Kareem Michael, Govenor - Central Bank of Belize
"They have advise always that you want to at least have that person be honourable, a national for example with dignity, a person of the highest level of integrity and go a little further by saying if you put somebody on at an early stage, realize that things may happen later on, a scandal of some sort which you might be face then, embarrassment, do to speak and even then if you had a hero who is up there in age and passes with a scratch or blemish on his/her record then fine and there are numerous examples of this across the globe where there are dead presidents or past national heroes were on the face of these notes and currencies."

"We had discussions with our printers and this subject has been brought up before where they've have confirmed or asked us to consider whether or not we would like somebody else on the note and ofcourse by what you have seen, the answer has been for us to stick with the late Queen and that has a lot of other historical context and governance next to it and I think you are familiar with that as well being the head of state. Other countries in the Caribbean have moved away from it and in our past we have updated her likeness, so the Queen was introduced on our bill and I think there abouts in 1973 or 1975 and we have before that it was King George."

Queen or King, Human or Animal, The Dollar Stands

And, now, will it be King Charles III on those notes? As you have already heard tonight - there's no decision on that yet - and there's no urgency to make that decision.

The Central Bank Governor stressed that regardless of whose likeness, man or woman, human or animal, is on the currency - its value and currency peg to the US dollar remains fixed by law:

Kareem Michael, Governor - Central Bank of Belize
"But my job here is to primarily hold the value, that value of the Belize dollar - to the US dollar, by act and also to ensure that there is a medium of exchange for it and stability across the system. `That is it. Who you put on it, it's not my concern, I don't want it to be counterfeited and I want it to have the same value."

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Removing the Queen from the Belizean Dollar Would Come at a High Cost

For the family of notes and coins to be changed and gradually taken out of circulation, such a move would be protracted and come at a significant cost to the country.� According to the Central Bank Governor, only the financial regulator has the authority to issue legal tender.

Kareem Michael, Governor, Central Bank of Belize

"I don't believe, and I think it's the Central Bank's position, that with the Queen's death and this has to be clearly stated, it doesn't change at all, and this has to be emphasized, the fact that these notes and coins in circulation which is, only the Central Bank has the right to issue these as legal tender, changes it from being legal tender.� It doesn't all.� I mentioned earlier that past presidents, past heroes are on a number of national issued currencies across the jurisdiction.� But if that decision were to be made then we are looking at a significant cost and a long drawn out process to change the family of notes currently in circulation with the queen's face on it."

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