It's been a rough few years for the UDP after the wort loss ever in 2020, but tonight his majesty's loyal opposition is more divided than ever - after the party rejected Patrick Faber as a candidate for Collet.

In an extraordinary letter, the UDP Nomination Committee Chairlady Sherlett Martinez formally denied former Party Leader Faber's application for Standard Bearer. The application was routine and considered a mere formality, but in a letter dated September 20th - Chairlady Martinez informs him that his application is denied.

The grounds cited are Faber's continued refusal to follow the directive of the National Party Council on not making any public criticisms of the party and its officials. The letter points out that has and continues to make Facebook posts critical of the party - the most recent just 5 days ago.

Faber is a 5 term representative, also the UDP's most senior parliamentarian and his Collet seat is statistically the UDP's safest seat in the country. So, is the UDP gambling with one of the only 5 seats it holds? Well, in a message to party delegates on the UDP's internal chat group, leader Shyne Barrow says the rejections can be just a temporary hold on his candidacy. He writes, "Once...Faber complies with the directive of the NPC to refrain from public attacks and criticisms of the Party…he can appeal to the the Nominations Committee and I believe they will reconsider his application favorably." End quote.

Of course that is highly unlikely - and what is more likely is that the party will continue to splinter along loyalty lines, since Faber - despite his record of personal and domestic misconduct - has many faithful supporters within the UDP.

And Tracey Tear Panton is one of them. She wrote to the Party Chairman this morning saying that, first off, it had been agreed that "sitting parliamentarians would not be subject to the same application process as new aspirants and; therefore, the issuance of this letter seems to be misguided."

All the same, she registers "grave concern" on how this matter is being addressed and ask the Chairman to get the letter "immediately retracted" and the matter "re-considered post haste." Panton urges, quote, "there must be a more instructive and prudent way forward."

We did reach out to Faber for comment - but got no response. He is reportedly pursuing studies in the US.

But, he knows these grounds well enough - because it was Faber - who as party Chairman back in 2012 - sent the letter to Marcel Cardona - who was then a sitting representative for Orange Walk East - informing him that he had constructively resigned from the party and, that the party would quote, "cease to regard you as a member of the UDP." Cardona was then forced to sit at the far end of the opposition bench and was then stoned in the head with a wallet by a UDP thug when he spoke up at a house meeting.

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