The San Pedro Town Council Announces the Clarification of statements made on the Local Newspaper for the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge

The San Pedro Town Council and the Office of Mayor Wally Nunez wish to clarify statements made to the local newspapers concerning the bridges' construction and the paving of the roads on Ambergris Caye.

The San Pedro Town Council is finalizing a loan at the sum of $5 Million which would allow the Council to complete building of the much-needed second bridge. It also includes culverts, and road repairs that began last year. The Bridge Project entails removing the wooden bridge and replacing it with a concrete bridge similar to what has already been constructed, which, when completed, will allow for 2-way traffic. The estimated competition of the entire bridge is projected by the end of Dec 2022.

As to the paving of the streets, the Council recently acquired a grader to keep up with the constant maintenance of the roads and is in the process of obtaining another. The San Pedro Town Council is committed to the residents of the island to find a more permanent solution to the road situation. As such the Council has met with various private sector and government entities to find a solution. The paving of the roads is estimated at around $17 Million for main roads throughout the island. These include all the main streets in the residential areas. These are only estimated figures that were provided to the Council. Now, options are being explored to fund the project, but nothing has been finalized.

We ask our residents to continue to trust that the San Pedro Town Council is committed to finding a permanent solution to the road problem.