Garbage collection has always been one of the main challenges for the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC). Both past and current administrations have indicated that a large chunk of the town's resources go to garbage collection, and the problem continues to grow. To provide efficient services for the island community and minimize the burden on the local authorities, the SPTC is considering outsourcing a professional trash removal company to take over keeping the island clean.

Mayor Gualberto 'Wally' Nu�ez stated that they inherited a sanitation department with bad equipment. He mentioned that of the four trash compactors, only two are working. "Last week, when we had a lot of complaints about garbage, we only had one trash compactor working," said Nu�ez. "So, our workers were working day and night." This is one of the reasons why the mayor is considering hiring a separate company to run garbage collection operations. He stated that operating the department is costly due to the equipment. "The parts to fix the vehicles are expensive, and ordering and repairing such parts is time-consuming," said Nu�ez. One topic the mayor did not discuss is that while the town council will be relieved from such responsibility, the residents could face higher fees depending on which waste management entity takes up the job.

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