A police constable is hanging on to life after she and a man were shot in Dangriga last evening. PC Lorray Arzu and forty-four-year-old Leonel Rowland were sitting in a truck on Bishop Martin Street sometime around six p.m., when they became a gunman's target. Both victims have been transferred to the K.H.M.H. for treatment. And as Arzu fights for her life, Rowland's injuries are nothing short of miraculous. News Five was reliably informed that he was shot three times, and while one of the bullets entered through his shoulder and exited through his face, Rowland is awake and talking. News Five's Marion Ali went to Dangriga and here's that story.

Marion Ali, Reporting
Twenty-two-year-old Police Constable Lorray Arzu lies critically wounded with unstable vitals in the K.H.M.H. after she was shot twice in the head. Arzu and Leonel Rowland were sitting in this Ford pick-up truck that was parked on the side of the street in front of her apartment on Bishop Martin Street. Anthony Kuylen, a tenant in another section of the complex, told us he had just arrived home when the incident unfolded.

Anthony Kuylen, Heard Gunshots
"I noticed a vehicle outside the gate adjacent to us because there are three big gates there, one long fence. The headlights were blue, so I know it wasn't a police vehicle. I drove in my yard, I got out to close my gate and while closing my gate I heard the shots."

Before that, Kuylen said he heard no exchange of words. But Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams told reporters today that there might indeed have been some type of communication between the gunman and Rowland.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

"She got into the vehicle. Apparently she and the other victim came to the vehicle. The suspect was standing nearby, and before they got into the vehicle, the male victim and the suspect had an exchange of words. Having that exchange of words, Ms. Arzu got into the vehicle and when the exchange of words was done. The suspect and the other victim, Rowland, had an exchange of words the driver got in and when he got in that's when the suspect opened gunshots at the driver door. So it just happened that some of the bullet passed him and caught Ms. Arzu.� Mr. Rowland is disputing having any altercation with the suspect, but we do have a credible witness who told us that."

Police are currently seeking a suspect, who they say may not have even known that Arzu is a police officer. Arzu underwent brain surgery on Wednesday night - a procedure that has been described as a success. Williams said that the Police Department wanted to transfer her to a private hospital but that doctors at the K.H.M.H. have advised against it because of the fragility of her condition.

Chester Williams

"We would have wanted to take her to Medical Associates for the simple fact that it's a private institution and we believe that she would be able to get more attention there. At K.H.M.H. here, the I.C.U. is packed, the doctors are busy, there are too many patients for them to look after. We believe that if she goes to Medical Associates she'll get better treatment there. Nonetheless, having spoken to the doctor, they're advising that due to the fact that she's on life support, removing her from the life support to transport her to Medical Associates may put her more at risk than anything else."

Williams said the department would meet with Doctor Pedro Arriaga, who is Arzu's principal internist, to get his opinion on the matter.� Today investigators returned to the scene in their quest to gather more details of the incident. Marion Ali for News Five.

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