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Paul Duville of Caye Coffee is proud to open his new coffee shop at Hibisco. Caye Coffee's new cafe brings the outdoors 'inside' at the new Hibisco residential project located in the Boca del Rio area. The beach, sun, sea and cool tropical breeze can be enjoyed with a cup of coffee, specialty iced coffee drinks and even some tasty treats. The Company has been roasting amazing coffee since 2004 on the island of Ambergris Caye and most recently moved to brewing its own coffee at their cafe located at their roastery. With all these year of experience, their coffee has been acclaimed one of the best in the country and comparable to some of the best blends internationally.

We love their coffee and were excited when we were invited to visit their new shop just a block away from Boca del Rio Park. It's nestled on the ground floor of one of Boca del Rio's newest buildings. The coffee shop it spacious, cool and very relaxing and with the area undergoing a major 'remake' by the Town Council, it's already promising to be a great place to enjoy great coffee. On their menu they have drip-brew coffees (hot and iced), frappes, floats, lattes, cappuccino and Americano, iced coffee floats, fresh fruit smoothies, natural juices, soft drinks and soda floats. They also have fresh fruit cups, yogurt, granola, parfait and freshly backed pastries. They are open from 7a.m. to 2p.m. daily.

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