We're used to getting weather updates from the National MET service - but today, they sent out an equipment update. They confirm that the Doppler radar has been repaired at a cost of almost a quarter million dollars. It is operational and the images can be accessed freely on their website.

They've also replaced what's described as an "aging forecasting workstation" - which is where weather forecasters and meteorologists sit around the clock to view and analyze computer models and weather observations from different sources.

They've also gotten government funding to replace the backup generator which has been there from the 80's.

The MET office has also grown its network of automatic weather stations from 49 to 87 - providing real-time information on weather conditions across the country.

Also, two met officers have been deployed for training to the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology in Barbados: one in weather forecasting and the other in applied meteorology.

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