If you go by the numbers, he's the current UDP's most popular and successful politician - but - as we told you last night - five term representative Patrick Faber's candidacy has been rejected by the UDP's nominations committee.

And today that made the political King of Collett do a desperate thing - the kind of thing that only minor political figures like Mark King are forced to do: he led a protest at his own party headquarters.

He timed it to disrupt a UDP press conference on national issues staged by Party Leader Shyne Barrow. And that it did successfully do - as Faber and a rag-tag team of supporters made a ruckus outside. Courtney Menzies was there:

Patrick Faber is a man on a mission. After being rejected from running for the UDP in the next general elections, he returned to the party's headquarters - the first public appearance he's made since he showed up in the House in July - to reclaim the keys to Collet.

And he came in like a wrecking ball - standing under the scorching sun with a group of protestors to crash the UDP press conference, hosted by the Leader of the Opposition.

And, ever the politician, he energized the crowd and even got some passersby to honk in support.

He even tried to get those who were a part of the press conference to mutiny against the current leader - though that didn't go over too well.

And after about fifteen minutes of Faber's version of anarchy, he pulled away in his Haval, seeking refuge in the one community that still embraces him wholly - Collet. It was there that he spoke to the media:

Patrick Faber, Collett Representative
"We made a very impromptu, just a little glimmer of what is possible last minute when it is we are uncomfortable. in fact in ordinary times I wouldn't go out there in front of the UDP press conference to make noise. I wouldn't do that, that's disrespectful to may party. But I am now convinced that the people who are running this party don't have any regard for the rules."

"When you see these folks gathered here today this is but a minute fraction of the number of supporters that I have in this constituency. We tried to give peace a chance - there are things that we had to speak about and of course the most recent thing is that they will say to me as a long standing member, general of this party that we no longer hold you in good standing in this party - and that you are no longer in good standing that you helped to build from the shambles."

Faber had about 15 supporters at the protest and about the same at his constituency office today.

When we went back up to the party leader's press conference and tried to ask Shyne Barrow about the Faber action, he strictly refused to comment on any internal party matters.

Faber Won't Be Stopped From Running In Collet

And in his press conference this evening at his constituency office on Antelope Street, Faber made it clear that while he protested today - nothing will stop him from running in Collet:

Patrick Faber, Collett Representative "I am a UDP, but if the UDP does not want me to run under their ticket, I am not abandoning the people of Collet. This seat is going to go with Patrick Faber. The needs to decide if they are going to go along with us here in Collet. This constituency of Collet, if you want to test it, let us test it. I said this is a strong UDP constituency, but it is a strong UDP constituency because its leader yours truly - I am a UDP. That is why this division is UDP and when you tell me that I can't run for the UDP, however I decide to run, because run I will run. However I decide, I am willing to bet that the people of this constituency will follow my lead."

Faber Says Shyne "Not Correct"

But, in his 65 minute press conference - what wasn't apparent is what's Faber's proposed end game. As you heard, he's angry that the UDP would even dare to tell him he can't run - but, if you see the UDP like a franchise, it's Shyne Barrow who runs that franchise right now - and right now, it's not at all apparent how Faber is going to get back into the party. Especially not with how he was talking about Barrow today:

Jules Vasquez
"Are you able to foresee yourself ever serving in a party led by Shyne Barrow?"

Patrick Faber, Collet Representative
"You know I feel strongly enough, and those are my own personal feelings, but I feel the people of this country feels strongly enough that God will have to help us all if that becomes the case. This man is not correct and you know for those people who say why is it that you are trying to recall and do all of this? because if we don't save this party now, there will be no party to save."

Faber Calls Party Chairman: "Big, Fat, Liar"

And the man that Faber sees as central to the possibility of a total UDP collapse is Chairman Mike Peyrefitte. We taught he had it in for Shyne, but his disdain for Peyrefitte is on a whole other level.

Here's what he had to say about Peyrefitte's claim that the recall petition had 30 people withdrawing their support for it - even before it reached the party secretariat:

Patrick Faber, Collet Representative
"But all of the taking back of signatures happened after the submission with the exception of maybe one or two from what I've been able to gather. All of those - you need to take back your signature - I'm not happy that you signed that petition - you need to fix it - you need to correct it, happened over the weekend and so when the chairman puts in writing and says to a media house or houses that in fact these signatures were withdrawn even before the submission. I say to you Mr. Peyrefitte, you are a big fat liar. So, Mr. Peyrefitte wheel and come again, sir. Your dishonesty and your blatant disregard on the many occasions that people in this party have written and asked for some kind of resolution to the matters of this party make you a failed chairman. You are in fact the worst chairman this party have even seen and that's coming from somebody who has been the chairman."

We sought out Peyrefitte for comment and he would only say, quote, "I stand by what I said." Adding some levity, Peyrefitte added, "I love it when you call me Big Poppa".

Faber Cries For The UDP

And, in a press conference that was all over the place, Faber accepted that his protest in front of the headquarters was against party rules - but he felt he had no choice in trying to keep his party honest:

Patrick Faber, Collet Representative
"This, today is breaking the rules, but it is because I have no other option. If you kicked me out of the party that I love so dearly. I worked my life for this party and you will tell me that I can't represent my people, then I am not interested in your rules anymore. If we want to fix things, we have to stop the nonsense, we have to stop this dictatorship. When I resigned in January, nobody was forcing me to resign. I said I was not okay, I said I needed time to work on my personal issues. I said I wanted to go back and finish my doctoral degree. That is what I am doing. Its not because Faber wants to be leader. I am young, I am 44 years old. The Prime Minister is 62, I could come back 17 years from now then if my math is correct."

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