Today, the Brice�o Administration marks two years in office. Hon. John Brice�o expresses gratitude to all Belizeans for their confidence and support, highlights the milestones achieved in just two years in office and outlines progress made in the Government's commitment to delivering on Plan Belize


Two years ago, on this day, you made history by pivoting to a new course and electing, with spectacular margins, a People's United Party government.

Serving you continues to be my greatest privilege.

On this anniversary of that dramatic election, I offer to all Belizeans my administration's gratitude, as well as our untiring resolve to bring betterment for our citizens, our families and our communities and for our beloved Belize.

Together, in twenty four short months, a people and their government have achieved near miraculous results: rescuing the Belizean dollar, reducing poverty, remedying the public debt crisis, restoring economic vitality and most importantly, replenishing the exhausted stock of national confidence.

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