Delmer Tzib - "Over four years ago, I visited Sarteneja for a high school field trip. We travelled to meet Mr. Jorge Verde, a man whom I knew nothing about. On that Saturday morning, I was amazed by Mr. Verde. He led a tour throughout the village of Sarteneja. He was lucid, passionate, and knew the history of almost every corner of the village. The energy he transmitted excited and inspired my students and I.

Mr. Verde knew many stories, lessons, and ideas. A year later I returned to Sarteneja to document the stories. I sat many hours with Mr. Verde discussing history. It was a lovely experience and he impacted my life in many ways.

Today, the book "Hope in Sarteneja: The Adventures of Jorge Verde," marks another milestone in the collection of historical narratives in rural Belize. Mr. Verde's story carries many lessons and is rich with historical knowledge.

The book attempts to capture Mr. Verde's love for Sarteneja and passion for history".

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Photos: Delmer Tzib

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