The Registrar of Hotels hereby reminds owners of Strata Titles that are placing their properties for rental for tourism accommodation purposes that the Belize Tourism Board's (BTB) policy for Strata Corporation is as follows:

1. For administrative reasons such as compliance with the Hotels and Tourist Accommodation Minimum Standards Regulations, auditing, and tax collection, the BTB maintains that only ONE license will be issued per person/management company/proprietor in relation to a strata lot operating under a selected name. This means that the BTB views the entire strata lot as one property and will only issue ONE license to said property.

2. The result of this policy is that individual unit owners CANNOT obtain a tourist accommodation license and, if they want to rent out their unit as a tourist accommodation, they must use the one rental pool company or management company that the strata corporation agrees to, so there can only be one management company operating in one strata complex.