While Minister Perez was available for comment, the press had the opportunity to ask about the ongoing inflation pain and the resulting high cost of living in Belize, especially for citizens of San Pedro and Caye Caulker, who pay an extra premium for their goods and services which have to be ferried out to the islands.

He said that his constituents in Belize Rural South have been keeping him very much up to date on the ever increasing cost of living:

"You know, on the islands the cost of goods might be even more exorbitant. What has been the feedback on your constituency and how are you maybe trying to work with them to ease that pain in the pockets?"

Abner Andre Perez, Minister of Blue Economy
"We're certainly being impacted the most because of course of transportation cost. That is the most important thing that affects us is the transportation cost of transporting the goods to the islands of Caye Caulker and San Pedro. Look, we have to raise prices, it's no longer a case that we can say prices have to be controlled. The food cost has gone up big time, we're talking almost 10-12% in basic food prices there. Housing continues to be a problem there in Ambergis Caye. I am afraid costs right now, the only way to relieve our people is they keep on renting. That is the big issue that is affecting us. Land is always an issue, land is very scarce in Ambergis Caye, and I have to get political here but the land or distribution occurred in the recent years was ravaged. We were plundered by acres and acres of land that people have gotten. So, I am struggling to get land and that's the only way I can help as well, to get land for these people, decent housing to avoid this rent killing our community."

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