Earlier this week, we showed you how the volume of trash and plastic carelessly discard winds up in the waterways around San Pedro. That, coupled with the clearing of mangroves, and the removal of sargassum from the beachside, have all lent to beach erosion. But very shortly, the San Pedro community will undergo a land reclamation exercise to restore important portions of the beach that have experienced erosion. Area Representative, Andre Perez explained to us on Wednesday that the reclamation will extend well beyond a mile in length along the beach.

Andre Perez, Area Representative, Belize Rural South

ďFrom Boca del Rio all the park and the way down to where the Esmeralda Park by where the Catholic school is, that is roughly about one point two miles. So we are embarking on a major program that we have to do beach reclamation, of course in keeping with the D.O.E. and everything in place, weíll have to do some sand dredging. Itís very complicated, but itís necessary. And that is going to happen in 2023, quicker than you expect. So it cannot piece-meal. It has to be a whole plan and we ask the community to be patient, but itís for the greater good to expand that beach as much as forty feet out.Ē

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