The People's Constitution Commission (PCC) hosted its inaugural meeting at the House of Culture in Belize City, on November 24, 2022. This follows the launch of the commission on November 14, 2022, where nominated representatives and their alternates were officially sworn into office as commissioners of the PCC.

The PCC is tasked with conducting a comprehensive review of the Belize Constitution. Over the next 18 months, the 23 organizations that comprise the commission will embark on an educational campaign and hold consultations across the country and in the diaspora, creating and maintaining a record of the views and opinions shared during this exercise. Thereafter, a final report detailing its findings will be prepared and presented to the Prime Minister.

During its first meeting, the commission focused on developing a clear roadmap framework for the way forward to immediately begin building the foundation for their short-, middle- and long-term aims/deliverables.

Mr. Anthony Chanona, Chairman of the PCC, expressed his commitment to the work that lies ahead of him and the commission, noting that though it will not be an easy task, it is a job that must be done. He reminded the commissioners that they represent the membership of their organizations and their agenda but also have a major commitment to listen to the people of Belize at home or in the diaspora and to ensure that the final report reflects the recommendations and best interests of all Belizeans.

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