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On August 24, 2022, the Belize Tourism Board launched an innovative scholarship program to support the local broadcast media sector in Belize and elevate their technical and professional skills in the art of broadcast media and journalism. After the completion of the period for receipt of applications, a vetting exercise was carried out and today the Belize Tourism Board awarded Mr. Luis Wade Jr. as the first recipient of this new scholarship program.

The tourism sector continues to represent over 40% of the country's GDP, and is a primary generator of employment in Belize. Inherently, the tourism sector's impact on various aspects of our society, economy and environment is significant, and over the years a robust tourism value chain has been developed. The local media and journalists in Belize hold a central role in this value chain showcasing and broadcasting the destination to both our domestic and international tourists, and as a result are part and parcel of the national tourism offer. With this in mind, this scholarship program is focused on providing an opportunity to local personnel in the broadcast media sector to learn new skills and tools that would enhance their capacity along the entire broadcast media process.

The Belize Tourism Board, therefore, congratulates Mr. Luis Wade Jr. for being the first to be awarded this scholarship, which has an estimated value of $42,000, covering full tuition, travel, meal allowance and accommodation expenses to enroll at the CSB Media Art Centre in North Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A. The CSB program includes a comprehensive coverage of broadcast media from design to publishing, including skills development in On-Camera, On-Air, and Behind the Scenes essentials for persons in broadcasting, digital streaming, podcasting and radio. CSB Media Art Centre is re-known for placing thousands of broadcast media personnel at the most respective media companies in the U.S.A, such as CBS, ESPN, MSNBC and COMCAST.