Chief Environmental Officer Anthony Mai said that there are other projects that the department is also reviewing. A project at Turneffe, similar to that on Angelfish Caye, will be addressed in the next meeting of the National Environmental Appraisal Committee on December fifteenth.

Anthony Mai, Chief Environmental Officer, Department of Environment

"Next week Thursday, the NEAC will meet again to deliberate on the MDL project, MDL Investment Limited project. Again, it is a relatively small project in Turneffe, in the Turneffe Atoll. Again, the scope of it is three small islands - each island is about an acre in size - and the concept of it is similar to the one in Angelfish, where the investor is proposing to build overwater structures and then connect these islands through a boardwalk system. An E.I.A. report has been submitted. We have held public consultations on this particular project and now the NEAC will deliberate on the fifteenth."

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