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The San Pedro High School (SPHS) held its first Founder's Day assembly since the height of the pandemic on Friday, December 9th, at the Angel Nu�ez auditorium. The occasion highlighted key individuals who helped establish the high school in 1971. The event was attended by students from First to Fourth Form, teachers, and specially invited guests. Activities for the 2022 Founder's Day Assembly started shortly after 9AM with the singing of the National Anthem, followed by the school song and the invocation delivered by Pastor Clive Welsh.

The formal Master of Ceremonies included Eiden Salazar Jr., who welcomed everyone to the special occasion and introduced some of the guests that played a significant role in founding SPHS. They included Celi McCorkle, Martha Guerrero, former President of SPHS, Rafael Angel Nu�ez, and his wife, Ligia. Others present included Gustavo Ellis, Martha Leslie, and former Miss SPHS and Miss San Pedro Chelsea Mu�oz. Some of the founders shared encouraging words with the students. Nu�ez told the students to take advantage of their present education opportunity. He explained that not everyone on the island enjoyed such privilege in his early days. When he and many others finished high school in Belize City in the 1970s, they started working together to bring secondary education to the island because many islanders did not have the opportunity to continue their studies after primary school. Their efforts paid off, and in 1971 the San Pedro High School officially opened its doors to the then-village of San Pedro.

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