It is not a bank heist, but thieves got away with an ATM containing over one hundred thousand dollars. Today, the Belize Police Department confirmed with the media that an ATM at the Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico in San Roman Village, Corozal was stolen from the school's compound. But it would seem that the four thieves were able to damage the cameras, destroy electrical lines and dismantle the alarm system, before retrieving the ATM. Today, ASP Fitzroy Yearwood shared more about the incident.

ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, Communications Director, Belize Police Department
"The Belize Bank ATM that was stolen also over the weekend from Escuela Secundaria Mexico in San Roman Village. We have spoken to a few persons, including the watchman. An estimate of the missing money was sent to us in the tune of in excess of a hundred thousand dollars. We are following up a lead that was relayed that these persons were all dressed in camouflage, four them. And we are asking the general public to assist us if they may know or have any information that could help the police to detain these persons."

"Do police believe that this is an inside job or someone with knowledge of how these ATMs work?"

ASP Fitzroy Yearwood
"We do believe that it's someone or maybe persons that have knowledge of the whole operation. Some years ago, in Corozal also, they did almost the same at the Belize Bank ATM. Unfortunately for those persons who were involved in that that night, I was working. So they stole one hundred and sixteen thousand eight hundred and I recovered one hundred and sixteen thousand dollars the same Sunday. I am hoping that these persons are not out and decided to repeat their crime. I know they were arrested and charged. But usually it is people who have knowledge of this whole operation would that would try these things."

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