The San Pedro Lions Club donated a thousand dollars to the Sister Cecelia Home for the Elderly today, towards the facility's hurricane recovery efforts. As we have reported, the home for the elderly sustained significant damage as a result of Hurricane Lisa. And, while the institution is well on its way to recovery, there is still much more left to do. So, today the President of the San Pedro Lion's Club Everette Anderson handed over a thousand dollars to the home in Belize City.

Sonia Swaso, Assistant Supervisor, Sister Cecelia Home

"We will use it to help with the residence and buy things for the home. We lose a lot of things from the hurricane so it will come in real handy for us. We appreciate it. So far we still have a lot of work to do. We have to really be there for the residents because some of them get nervous with the weather because they done went through a lot of weather in their times so we are trying to keep them calm and quiet. But, so far we are getting there. Everyone is ok so far so thank god for that."

Everette Anderson, President, San Pedro Lions Club

"The San Pedro Lions Club is part of the International Lions Club and with over one point five million members in two hundred countries, fort- eight thousand clubs. We comprise of what is known as zone fifty-nine. In Belize City we have four clubs, one in Belmopan, San Estevan, Belize City and San Pedro. We follow Lion's International Global Causes. One of our causes is disaster relief and we know that the Hurricane Lisa did a lot of damage around the country especially in Belize City. We saw that Sister Cecilia Institution got hurt and since we are in the month of caring and giving our members chose this institution to provide this donation."

The Belize Zoo, Grace Primary School and Tubal Trade and Vocational Institute also received a donation from the San Pedro Lions Club.

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