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The Christmas season continues to be busy in San Pedro Town. On Saturday, December 17th, the annual Children's Christmas party at the San Pedro Lions Club lit the ambience with warm holiday vibes. Santa Claus was again the guest of honor, arriving at the San Pedro Lions Den shortly after 5PM to meet the children, distribute presents and goodies, and of course, take pictures with everyone. Santa took his place on stage next to a mountain of presents for the children. The evening program then started, with the jolly bearded man dressed in red with black boots distributing gifts to the children as, one by one, their names were called. A few kids were shy, while others were excited and happy to see Santa and get a gift from him. After receiving their presents, the children posed for a photo.

The Lions Club members helping to organize the event shared that the primary purpose is for children to get a chance to meet Santa. This is also a way to continue the Christmas tradition on the island and encourage children to be good and wait to see Santa every year.
Each child received a goody bag when Santa finished distributing the presents. Most of them continued taking pictures with Santa while others opened their gifts. They were more than happy with the presents Santa had brought for them.

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