Traditions continue in Benque Viejo
Celebrates the 15th annual Boxing Day activity

Samuel Bruce and his loyal business associates Aided; in the 15th annual event was to Aid those in economic need:

Over the years; thousands of children and families have benefitted from the efforts of the positive activities free of charge, and NO cost to GOB, this is accomplished with Volunteers and Private Sponsors, Friends of Mr. Bruce's.

This year's program begin with the Sam Bruce distributing to local businesses for handout; the Neighborhood Watch 2023 Calendars throughout the Zone 4 area,. Calendars listing important emergency phone numbers, in Benque.

Gift BOXES filled with Rice, Beans, Vienna Sausages, Ramen Soups, Natural Fruit Juices, Whole Chickens, Nutritious oat meals cereals, balls , Dolls, Toys, Tee Shirts, and School Bags were personally delivered to 15 Selected Needy Families homes; Elderly, Disabled, and single mothers, Delivered in His personal vehicle by Sam Bruce and his Volunteer assistant Ms Rahima Espat.

Mr. Bruce wishes to thank all the faithful Business Associates that help contribute to our events, without their support our events would not be possible, I ask all residents in Benque to remember those listed sponsors and to patronize their businesses.

Loyal Sponsors of this year's event: Samuel Bruce II, Farmer's Trading Center, Chuc's Service Station , Shell Gas Station Santa Elena Cayo, Novelo's Gas Station, Quality Poultry, Caribbean Chicken, Country Meats, Mid West Steel, Westrac, Caribbean Tire, Reimers Feed Mill, Home Protector Western Border, Custom's officers Western Border, BRC printing, New Flags, Daisy's Store, Alex Store, Yvonne Grocery Store, Yao Guang's Store, De Xin Grocery Store, Zhen's Super Market, B. J. Institute, and Crown Jewelry & Pawn Shop, RSC, Sansco, School Supply & Internet store.

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