It's the most profoundly impactful exercise that's going to affect Belize's electoral process - and tonight the UDP is sounding the alarm about re-districting.

A late evening release points to what the party calls the "shady clandestine like nature of this politically charged "redistricting process" - end quote. The release says that the Elections and Boundaries Commission has not met for more than six months. IT adds that the Redistricting Task Force has requested and been granted two 2-month extensions on deadline for delivery of a draft report to the Elections and Boundaries Commission. During this exercise, no meeting of the Commission which is supposed to be the overseeing body has been held.

With that, the UDP concludes that redistricting amounts to not much more than quote, "a blatant attempt at Gerrymandering."

We note that with a planned reduction in the number of seats in the city - which is the UDP's stronghold - the opposition stands to be seriously affected. Currently, 4 of the UDP's 5 seats are in the city.

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