A few days ago, Jeff and I decided to take a drive – out towards Secret Beach. Out to the west side of the island – to the Secret Beach area – and then SOUTH. There is a new-ish road that opens up a huge chunk of the island – land is primarily brush, rock, and shallow lagoon…totally uninhabited by humans. You can see the new road in this Google earth screen shot.

[Linked Image]

I stopped in to see a new development called Aruna Resort and Villas. I was told that the road above was now open…and it was a quick ride from Aruna up to Secret Beach. It’s pretty good – really good if you are comparing to other roads on this island. A bit rocky in spots…a few puddles but a relatively easy drive. And we drove from Secret Beach to…just across the lagoon from town in about 15 minutes. This road opens up the area on the west side of San Pedro lagoon (just across the water from town) to the Secret Beach area…almost. Let me show you what’s going on! We drove to the Secret Beach area and then southward…

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