Over the weekend, the Krem New Year's Day Cycling Classic took place and riders in the elite, female and junior categories took the trek along the Philip Goldson Highway, from the Belize Mexico border to Belize City. Seventy-one registered riders and ninety-six miles later, the thirty-second edition of the race was won by Derrick Chavarria of F.A.L. Cycling Team in the elite category. News Five spoke him via phone today.

On the Phone: Derrick Chavarria, Elite Winner, Krem New Year's Day Cycling Classic

"It's been like four/five months that I have been out of the country studying abroad but also training in many different terrains from Belize City - so much more mountainous, higher elevation along with the dedication and discipline towards the sport, walking up early and getting what needs to get done. I am glad to see that it paid off. The strategy going into the race was to pretty much have two or more guys in the breakaway and that is exactly what happened. Myself and my brother up there and we were just working together communication with each other. And when I saw Eric made the move and no one followed, I made the move to go with him. And unfortunately he couldn't stay till the end, but I had my team and I am grateful for that. Towards the end where most of the bigger prizes were and that’s when I started going solo. I think I ran for a while, roughly thirteen miles, and most of the prizes were a thousand dollars and within that range and I found myself taking up everything."

Second place in the elite category was Jyven Gonzalez and Giovannie Lovell came in forth.� In the female category, Kaya Cattouse came in first, while Mariana Valdez took second place. In the junior category, Tyler Tejeda won first place with Jamar Murray coming in second; Delton Rojas took third place.

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