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To continue working towards a safer island community, the Commissioner of Police (ComPol) Chester Williams visited the island on Friday, January 13th, to join the efforts in establishing a surveillance network in and around downtown San Pedro. The plan also aims to partner with local stakeholders and set up security cameras in strategic points of the island town to monitor illicit activities better. The boss of the Belize Police Department was joined by Senior Superintendent Christopher Noble, Superintendent Alejandro Cowo, Assistant Superintendent Basil Reyes, along with other members of the police department and representatives of Champion Security System, Digi (Belize Telecommunications), and Belize Electricity Limited.

ComPol Williams said the surveillance network they plan to install in San Pedro would further enhance police capability to monitor activities in certain areas of town, which includes public places frequented by island residents and tourists alike. Williams also noted that the safety project is to keep an eye on illicit acts, bad elements and, apprehend anyone involved in such activities and remove them from the community.

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