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The San Pedro Town Council is in the process of securing a mining license to conduct ARTISANAL MINING operations in the Boca del Rio area. The purpose is to source SAND to continue our beach nourishment efforts on the island.

What is artisanal mining?

It is the extraction of sand using traditional means. This means 4-6 men with shovels, manually shoveling sand from waist-deep areas near the coastline (no motorized machinery).

What areas will be mined?

Small control locations in the Boca del Rio area have been identified. These areas will then serve as waist-deep swimming areas for the general public.

What will be the impacts?

The areas identified consist of sandy substrate, so there will be minimal impact to sensitive marine life. Manual extraction of sand causes minimal siltation (sediment plumes). Hence, no impact to nearby coral reef.

Any long-term effects?

The mining operation is part of a wider scientific monitoring program to monitor the sediment pathways along the shoreline. The aim is to identify how long the mining pits will take to fill back with sediment runoff. This will improve our ability to establish seasonal beach nourishment actions that remain low-impact and sustainable.

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