You've heard a few ministers lament that they may be losing some of their voters once the redistricting process has been completed. While they all say it's a necessary step, many politicians worry that their faithful and loyal voters may end up in another division.

And though the process should remain corruption free to be effective, with the known instincts of the PUDP, the possibility of gerrymandering is high. So today, the media asked the area rep for Lake Independence his thoughts on the matter.

Cordel Hyde. Minister of Lands
"It's always a temptation I would imagine. Anybody who gets power wants to stay in power, anybody who win elections want to win again. You don't get into loose, so ultimately, we have to be careful though; we have to make sure that we be fair, not we, but the people who are responsible for that have to make sure that they do things the right way, that it is done fairly, that whatever changes are made makes sense and past the smell test, so to speak. More than likely whatever is the final result is going to end up in court. That's my gut feeling, but ultimately we have to get this right."

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