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Team 'Not Sure' takes first Wahoo Challenge held at Holiday Hotel/La San Pedrana Bar and Grill

Over the weekend, Saturday, and Sunday (January 28-29), the beach in front of Holiday Hotel and La San Pedrana Bar and Grill was the setting for their first fishing tournament-the Wahoo Challenge. A total of 14 teams registered for the two-day fishing tournament. Several large Wahoos were brought to the weighing station on the beach, but at the end of the competition, it was Team Not Sure who took the grand prize of $10,000 for topping the tournament with the biggest catch.

Following a captains' meeting the day before the event, the participating teams headed to sea early on Saturday. One of the primary rules required teams to be at the weighing station by 5PM on the first day. Team Not Sure was one of the teams leading the competition after catching some of the heaviest Wahoos, with fish weighing up to 45 pounds. The competition took off early on Sunday once again. This time teams had to be back at the weighing station by 4PM on the last day of the tournament that would see the top three winners. Teams started arriving at the beach before 3PM. Team Not Sure was one of them, bringing a 58.2-pound Wahoo. More Wahoos kept coming; however, none could top Not Sure's big pounder.

Afterward, individual prizes were issued. Jaime Manzano Jr. was recognized as the top Junior Angler of the competition, winning $500. Team Sea Kario was awarded for landing the first Wahoo in the contest, and Team Jubilee for the smallest Wahoo. The top female angler prize of $500 went to Karla Rodriguez. Armando Gonzalez was recognized as the top angler of the competition and for the heaviest Wahoo. He took home $1,000.

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Armando Gonzalez