Haulover Bridge Will Be Ready In December

If you've travelled the Philip Goldson Highway in the last few months, you may have noticed that the new Haulover Bridge is well underway, while the old one slowly deteriorates. According to MIDH's engineering coordinator, the newly constructed one is expected to be completed in December of this year.

Evondale Moody. Engineer Coordinator, MIDH
"The Haulover Bridge is on track and we have those works schedule for completion for December this year. As you have seen we have been placing the girders in place for that structure and we only have the main section across the river that is outstanding and also 2 sections on the northside, so we are on target to complete that project by the ending of this year and thereafter we will start with another project to basically remove the old Haulover Bridge structure from there."

"Sometimes, with these kinds of projects like that of the bridge, you set like a budget and then you kind of go over it, are you able to say if you been able to maintain that budget or did you have to step over a little bit?"

Evondale Moody. Engineer Coordinator, MIDH
"At this present time, we are on schedule in terms of financing. The project itself is 30.9 million and we're still within that budget for completion this year. So we don't expect that we will go over budget for that."

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