The KHMH Worker's Union sent out a release today saying that it continues to, quote, "face challenges as it relates to supplies necessary to provide tertiary level healthcare."

The release lists critical areas where there are shortages such as the Laboratory service - where they are short of blood testing materials due to lack of equipment and reagents. And, as a result they say, patients must pay more to get testing services at private labs.

The release also says that equipment shortages continues including common equipment such as tapes, gloves, blood collecting tubes, syringes, cast materials, and various equipment for the operating room, are lacking.

The release adds that "Dialysis solvents and many other materials are rationed by nurses in order to make do with what is available. Some members of staff, mainly nurses and doctors, feel compelled to buy their own materials to use on their patients in order to ensure adequate care." End quote.

And the shortage of medication also persists. The release says, quote, "Pharmacy staff are forced to write "NIL" in the charts indicating the unavailability of medication. The past month has seen a further deterioration in medication procurement and quality. Crumbling tablets, yellowing of IV medication, contaminated lubricants and medications that are available are purchased in short supply which is indicative of failures within the tendering process." End quote.

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