Tonight, Placencia villagers are all in an uproar about the one-time community beach, their precious "Pint" that's now out of their hands.

It's a beach that most Belizeans will recognize as the location where, in recent years, Lobsterfest has been held but for most in that community, it's the Sunday swim spot, the last place on the peninsula you can go to enjoy the sun and sea without getting funny looks from posh resort owners.

It's also prime property that residents say the lands department promised verbally not to grant to any private interest. Our news team was in Placencia today talking to locals when we ran into Eworth Garbutt a man who often speaks about erosion, who today told us what went wrong with the title to accretion on this beach.

Eworth Garbutt, Tour Guide
"It was way back in like 2013 myself, I got to find out that this accretion was available. So, I was at that time a member of the Placencia cruise tour, tourist association. We came together and we saw the need that we don't have any property to build on. So, what we did then was ay mean we could have linked up with village council and get to own this accretion, right then we knew that the first preference is given to the adjacent owner. There is also an adjacent owner called the cooperative too you understand me so there are two adjacent owners, let's be clear with that, there are two adjacent owners. So it didn't fly, the village council probably before 2017 went in, tried with the government, do and this was clear, a clear promise. We won't give you the piece of property, because too much things are happening, too much shady thing. Directly somebody wants to sell it or village council wants to do something with it but we will assure you hat no one will get this it will stay in the government's hands, so to tell me that in 2023 we will have this conversation, Cherisse. Impossible."

"And maybe this, good, nice, I understand it's a lady, and most of these people have good hearts the foreigners who come in. She just probably was mislead and the one assurety, though that the Belizean people and it's not just Placencia, don't make mistake and call this a Placencia issue. We will not stand by and see this land go into no one's name but village, although it is right now Cherisse the .4 of an acre, I am telling you we are right next to the boardwalk which my money helped buy because I am a villager here. We wouldn't have been so stupid and loose with money and put this boardwalk here and I am not dreaming. I was present here when I saw that same peg on this side of that. I know high tide came and climate change is happening but the tide can't move that peg and put it over there. When the re-surveying happened that is recent and that is where it's wrong."

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